Upcoming Huawei Mate 30 officially banned from using Google apps


The continuing conflict between the US and China has led in some true conflict for Huawei and its devices, making working with American businesses like Google hard for the Chinese smartphone giant.

While things started to look up recently when a 90-day relief from this ban was offered to Huawei, Google has now told Reuters that the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 flagship handset “can not be sold with licensed Googled applications and services.”

The argument for this is that the reimbursement provided by the U.S. government applies only to current products and to Huawei’s relationships with U.S. businesses, meaning that any fresh product or deal would not be eligible for any kind of cooperation.

While there is presently no word as to whether this will occur, Google may seek an exemption for particular products from this ban. Recently it has been disclosed that more than 130 such requests have been presented to the U.S. Department of Commerce, although none have been granted yet.

Huawei is still regarded the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world at the moment, coming in behind Samsung. Although it could seriously affect its hold on the Western market with the future of its Google assistance in jeopardy.

Speaking to Reuters, a Huawei spokesman said the company would “continue using the Android OS and ecosystem if the U.S. government permits us to do so[…] otherwise we will continue to develop our own.”

Huawei has been developing its own operating system for some time now, with Harmony OS becoming official in early August, but considerable effort would be required for this alternative to reach the same ubiquity of Google’s ecosystem, including Google Maps, Photos, Gmail and more.

The smartphone range of the Huawei Mate 30 is expected to launch some time late September, with opportunities to follow, but we will now have to wait and see if there are any delays caused by the trade dispute between the US and China.


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