Google plans to mount the second-gen ‘ Nest Mini ‘ w / wall, better sound, to the jack.


Google is planning to launch a follow-up to Google Home Mini 2017 with a ‘ Nest Mini ‘ second-generation, a credible source says 9to5Google. It’s a name-based deviation from the earlier model, but also a significant feature upgrade. Nest Mini is going to pack a wall mount this year, better sound, and more.

At Google I / O 2019, Google revealed that the intelligent speaker Google Home line would eventually have the same Nest-centric brand that debuted alongside the Nest Hub Max, and we can confirm that’ Nest Mini’ will be the new name for the narrower “Google Home” trio.

The physical form factor of the device won’t be a significant departure from Google Home Mini’s first-gen. The Nest Mini is going to be about the same size— maybe slightly larger — and still has a lot of the same feature. It’s a tiny speaker designed to take the Google Assistant’s best at a low price point at the entry-level.

However, with this upgrade, there are some function additions to be anticipated. Our source says the new Nest Mini will improve noise with greater peak volume and better general bass and quality. We’re also told the Nest Mini will take a built-in wall mount, but it’s not yet evident how it might imply a groove on the back to hang the fresh Mini like a picture frame on a screw. Third-party wall mounts were extremely common for the current-gen device.

A 3.5 mm stereo jack is another interesting complement to the second-generation Nest Mini. Although the port has rapidly vanished from smartphones, the Nest Mini will now be in line with the Amazon Echo Dot, featuring an aux jack from its first generation. Whether this is used for audio input, output to external speakers (a de-facto replacement of Chromecast Audio), or both, is not evident.

Lastly, we’re told the device will have some sort of consciousness of closeness. Other Google hardware systems, such as Nest Hub Max, Nest Guard and Nest Protect, have different motion sensors that appear more likely to be included in the forthcoming Pixel 4 than the Soli chip that Google has confirmed. Regardless, when you approach it, these are said to disclose the present quantity.

We’ve heard that the plan for the refreshed Nest Mini contains new colors, but no details yet. We have no word on pricing, but assuming the same $49 as the last model is likely secure.

Google is anticipated to hold its annual Google Made hardware showcase later this autumn, and we expect the already-confirmed Google Pixel 4 to appear next to this fresh Nest Mini. Other advertisements are also likely to be in the cards, so remain tuned as we learn more.


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